Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Two Days Left on Holiday Sale

Only 2 Days remaining on our Holiday Sale!! Don't miss this great opportunity to save $50 off the annual price of the Premiere membership. An over 35% savings off the monthly price.

This gives you full access to all has to offer including introductory and advanced piano lessons to help you begin playing in no time. Don't just learn to play a song, but with BSharpTricks learn to play the piano.

If you can't stream the lessons don't miss out on the last opportunity to get the full set of "The Series" on data disc for $100 off with the first disc of Pentecostal Playing free! That's a total of $199 in savings.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's a New Year

Christmas has passed and it is a new year. BSharpTricks has great things coming in 2016 though! If you just received a keyboard for Christmas then we have a great beginners series which will help you to build a firm foundation and playing before you know it. If you have played before and want to make a resolution to pick it up again we have amazing lessons to offer as well. All the advanced lessons will teach you licks and tricks and help you jazz up your playing. More lessons have been recorded and are coming soon and as we previewed before Guitar will also be coming in 2016. Stay tuned for all the great content.