Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas is Almost Here

December is here which means Christmas is almost here. There is still time for you to learn some great, must know Christmas songs for you to play for the family. If you have been interested in seeing what a full section of a lesson looks like, this will give you a preview as well. Follow the link below to see the first segment of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" on our YouTube channel and subscribe! For great lessons like this and more sign up today at

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Introduction to Tonality
Learning the Four Basic Triads is not where it stops at In this week's video preview we highlight a brief introduction to tonality and how it applies as you continue to learn more chords. Learning to play the piano has never been easier, and with all the tools available at you can be playing before you know it.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Wedding March

With summer here, that means it's time for summer weddings. Have you ever wanted to play that iconic wedding piece? Does your family know that you are learning piano and now want you to play? You are in luck, because at "The Wedding March" is one of our must know songs. Don't worry yourself with classical sheet music, but rather learn to play it with the chords you have already learned. You can learn songs like this and much more at

Friday, June 2, 2017

Slow It Down

Have you been practicing and wanted to slow down the video so you can play along easier? With the help of the Google Chrome browser you can make this possible following the instructions below. Picture instructions are also included to help make it even easier to follow.
1.On the right side of your Google Chrome browser go to "More Tools" and then "Extensions"
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for "Get more extensions"
3. Once the chrome web store opens search for "Vimeo repeat" and select the "Vimeo repeat & speed". Click "+ Add to Chrome"
4. A box will pop up confirming you want to add the extension
5. Once installed open up a lesson at and two buttons will appear visible in the top right. Click the "Playback rate" button
6.Enter a new playback rate to adjust the speed. You can enter as low as .5 to go half speed and still have audio, but you can adjust it to whatever speed is best for you.

With these easy to follow steps it will help you to take lessons at your own speed and slowly speed up as you progress. If you have any questions feel free to comment on this post and we will help you out. If you're new to Piano head over to and see all the great content that is available.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Adding a Right-Handed Chord
When playing piano, your left hand doesn't have to sit and play octaves. In this video preview we highlight adding a right-handed chord above a left-handed chord. Open up your playing to complex harmonies, and give your right hand an opportunity to play tricks. At you can learn many more techniques to add over a left-handed chord as well as many other tricks to help take your playing to the next level. Sign up today to take advantage of all the great features.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Clarifying Inversions

Have you ever been confused about inversions? In this week's video preview we highlight the introduction to inversions. The difference between voicings and inversions is explained again and some practical examples are given in the full lesson. With the detailed explanations in the lessons at you can learn what it takes to play no matter what your level. Sign up today and take advantage of all the great content!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wonderful Organ News!

BSharpTricks is happy to announce that one of our lead instructor's greatest mentors, Dedie Cooley, is in studio and will be sharing all of her great knowledge to help make your organ playing dreams a reality. Learn essential fundamentals which will help build a firm foundation and learn tricks that help make it easier for you. This and much more great content coming soon!

You don't have to wait until then though. Head to today and get accustomed to the organ to be ready when this great content is available.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Start the New Year Right!
It is a new year and the perfect time to make a resolution to learn how to play the piano. At it is simple and efficient at helping you to learn no matter where you are starting. It will not just teach you to play a song, but will teach you the principles that can be applied across any piece you want to play. In this week's preview we take something which many piano students would hate doing, scales, and learn how they can be added to a song to make it even prettier. Everything is for a purpose at