Monday, October 24, 2016

New Lessons Now Available!


 We are happy to announce a new group of lessons has just been added with the focus being on jazzing up your minor 7th chords. Learn how to take what you already know and get much more mileage out of it with a few simple tweaks, and then advance step by step from minor 9th chords all the way to minor 11th chords and even minor 13ths.

   As always, BSharpTricks gives you High Definition video presentations, easy-to-follow lessons explaining the principles which are written out in lead sheet format, and then gives you practical examples for you to apply them with. New lessons are added regularly, which continue to build upon the foundations that have been set in all the previous lessons.

   Head over to today and sign up to get access to all this and more. Under "Advanced Lessons" look for "Minor and Major 7ths".

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